Paruware Trust

Promoting Sustainable Development Through Innovation

Who are we?

  • A Social Enterprise registered in Zimbabwe as a Trust in 2007. The benefecators are students and graduates from tertiary institutions and young people,
  • An award winning organization that empowers young people with information, tools, resources and opportunities to create positive change in their own lives, their communities and in the world,
  • Formed by young people for young people.

Who are the members ?

  • The network is truly a multi-stakeholder partnership with individual and institutional members/partners with the goal of creating employment and new business opportunities, economic recovery and growth,
  • Individual members include students and recent graduates from tertiary institutions and youths,
  • Institutional members/partners include government institutions, private sector, academia, research institutions and international and national development partners.

 Our services

  • Training in business related issues to starting and running an enterprise such as motivation to start, business proposal writing, resource mobilization and management.
  • Office-space and access to office utilities at affordable rates to start-up businesses
  • Tailor– made capacity building activities on a needs based approach.
  • Collection and development of respective knowledge and tools.
  • On-line Networking space and physical networking opportunities with strategic partners and potential investors.
  • Mentorship through matching enterprises and mentors to make sure that viable business plans are implemented.

Who do we support ?

  • Enterprises led by young entrepreneurs from Zimbabwe aged between 18 and 35 years who demonstrate entrepreneurial potential and a passion for innovative change.
  • Enterprises by young people that address challenges in Zimbabwe such as economic development, poverty reduction, health care and environmental protection.