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 I studied history for the longest possible time in school and one of the common topics we started with was the hunter gatherer society and farmers. These were the traditional society and men did most of the hunting while the women gathered fruits and other vegetation and both sexes were involved in the farming and pastoralism. Hunters  literally went out into the forest in search of prey. It often took days or months sometimes. They usually went out in groups and had traps laid out and weapons to kill the prey. Farming was more about preparing the fields, sowing, weeding and harvesting. Be patient with me because i have a point to make!

The same tactics and strategy we used in hunting and farming still have  a role to play in doing business in today's world. A lot has already been written about it but here are a few more points to learn from our ancestors that are applicable to business.

1. Hunting preceded farming and before you get into business you need to hunt for opportunities, for gaps that you can utilise.

2.Hunting is not a random act, its a carefully thought out plan with a strategy. You need to know the animals you are dealing with, their habits and behaviours just as much as you need to understand your competitors,  customers and the field you are in.

3. Hunting unlike farming can be a one off  encounter but farming requires relatively more planning and management. Once you have a business opportunity or business acquintance, you need to begin to cultivate and mantain those relationships.

4. In traditional society where there was not much technology, once you missed the beginning of the rains you had lost a season and had to wait for the next one, so grab opportunities and use them wisely.

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clever mandaza
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I must say this is quite insightful! I subscribe to your school of thought. I also remember the concept of a community kill. that is how huge prey required coming together as hunters in a coordinated fashion, and how the community would share what kill there was. Also, the senior or elderly hunters would mentor the young hunters, stand by them, support them, and celebrate their first kill. young hunters would horn their skills right there in the jungle till they became seasoned hunters. I loved the lessons in this one. thank you.


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