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clever mandaza
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Young entrepreneurs in business today need to set their endeavours on a world class path with proper systems and exciting brands in place. Unfortunately they cannot afford the services Gary Thompson or enerst  and young offer hence their businesses remain informal and incapacitated! My humble solution: Assemble a power team of about six innovative people n self driven dreamers. these can help set up accounting systems, create a brand and passionately promote it, craft a niche for the entity and serve it well, , help network  the business at a larger scale.


The team

1. A brand strategist - to come up with exciting and world class concepts on brand promotion.


2.a graphic designer or web designer - to design websites, any graphic material, logos etc


3. A marketing executive - to market the entity


4. An accountant - to set up proper accounting systems and carry out audits


5. A coordinator - a good hands on person, organised, to coordinate the activities of the team, carry out administrative work etc


6. IT person - to set up information systems, transform the entity into an e-empowered venture!


I dont know what you may call it, but  this low budget but effective concept can be what the doctor ordered in terms of formalising the informal sector, and can be a cheaper way of setting world class standards in current entrepreneurship! feel free to add value to this concept.


"we have an enemy that resides not on the shores of another nation, but is deeply seated within us. when we conquer self, we can go past anything that comes against us."

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