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clever mandaza
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I come from a place called Masembura in mashonaland central. a long time ago when the zunde ramambo concept was being actively practiced, ie coming together as a village and working in a huge field whose produce would be used to feed the needy etc. every year, everyone else would work, except a click of three who believed they couldnt offer anything with regards to working in the field, and rightly so, for these three seemed invalids in the eyes of the whole Chakaoma village. was an old woman who used a walking stick for balance and support, another man had a stiff arm, and the third was a man with a stiff leg which he dragged along. these three would, as usual, carry their traditional brew and sit under the huge muzhanje tree and chat all day while others worked. Legend has it that one year a new king came and wrought serious changes in the land, including the zunde policy. He called upon everyone to come to the fields and work, regardless of condition, status, age etc. this caused an uproar among the people who thought the new king was mean to the bone! The usual three, tried to escape with their usual 'under the tree and brew' routine, but the king was having none of it! As the three tagged along to the field, other villagers sympathetically tried to dismiss the seemingly incapacitated trio, much to the chagrin of the king who insisted on their partaking in the zunde! As was the norm before work commenced, the king stood before the large group of villagers, who registered on their faces dissatisfaction at the inclusion of the pitiful three who seemed unable to even handle a hoe or let alone partake in any meaningful work to improve their own livelihoods. "today i stand before you as king Masembura, to announce that this year everyone will be productive!" the villagers were not chaffed at all. "starting with these three, we will allocate work and work they will!!!!!" there was a tangible hush as the sad three limped and trudged to the front as everyone watched. the king motioned to the old lady with the walking stick, " since the ground is wet and soft, you will walk up and down the field in straight lines and make holes with your walking stick." so what, the villagers seemed to say. the king then motioned to the man with the stiff arm, "your arm is stiff so that means you dont miss since movement is minimal. we will place seed into you palm, and you will go after the old woman dropping the seed accurately into the little holes made by the old woman. As for you stiff legged man, you are the one to drag your leg over the holes in turn covering them." Legend has it that from then on, the three would always be a part of the labour force, well at least for the years that zunde was perpetuated in Masembura. Regardless of our circumstances in life, each one of us has something to offer! GOD not only sees who we are but who we can be, so in giving us diverse gifts, he wants us to use them to improve not only our livelihoods but the communities we hail from as well. whatever your situation, you can rise above it and make something out of your life. Belief is key! rise above the negativity around you and make it! You can if you believe!!

"we have an enemy that resides not on the shores of another nation, but is deeply seated within us. when we conquer self, we can go past anything that comes against us."

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Thanks for this wonderful post. Many times we look outside of ourselves to find solutions to our problems but it is within we should look because therein lies the solution.

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