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In his latest book, Linchpin, Seth Godin, the marketing guru, makes a great point on how we can stand out, be different and creative either as workers or entrepreneurs. Like many other authors, he criticizes the schooling system,'Being good at school is a fine skill if you intend to do school forever....It's nice but it’s not relevant unless your career involves homework assignments, looking through textbooks for answers that are already known to supervisors, complying with instructions and then, in high pressure settings,regurgitating those facts with limited processing on your part." Our education system has indoctrinated us to be passive, to be comfortable with being similar and to make us feel that standing out is not necessary to succeed in life. You can all be in a certain range of marks and be bunched as similar people. Its time we woke up and smelt the coffee because the world around us is changing and like what Seth Godin, aptly portrays, what the world now needs are linchpins who make things happen, who use their creativity and geniuses, that mind you everyone has. If we are to survive in this highly competitive and fast changing world, then our education system has to be aligned and adaptive to the changes. The schooling system was initially set up to train workers who would be suitable for factories, obey orders, and be comfortable with their peers giving orders (prefects) and follow strict timetables. Surprisingly this can still be found even at universities, where you find students still reading just for exams and not to know. No wonder people stop reading as soon as they graduate from school because knowledge is seen as the privilege and domain of the teacher. One often quoted rude saying says that, if you want to hide anything from an African, put it in a book. While it may sound offensive, it has some truth to it since the schooling system rarely teaches people to seek knowledge for own personal development and growth in our chosen gifts. Reading is for tests and exams. Even in my church that i go to, notices written on the notice board are rarely read and you have to endure a long session of announcements.

The book challenges us to risk failure and do that which we are good at very well, better than anyone else and create our own niche. It also challenges even those who do not need to be linch pins in order to survive at their jobs, who can afford to be just good enough for what is needed because we are holding onto a great gift that can benefit other people.




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Blair Miller
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Gamu, I love this post.  Seth taught me that here are three types of people in the world; those who are leaning back in fear, those who are standing up (the majority) straight waiting from someone to tell them what to do; and those who are leaning forward.  Imagine if we living in a world where everyone was leanign forward?

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