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Posted  on behalf of a friend  acknowledged below

Jacqueline Novogratz driven by passion and altruism left her promising career in banking and invest in understanding global poverty, which is by the way Africanised. She lived among the people she helped for and developed listening skills. She has helped in places like Sudan, Kenya and even in the Middle East. Her ambition was to understand poverty and find the best ways of tackling it. She has devised a way of helping the poor, which brings together the best of both world of charity and business, trying to avoid corrupt systems and one that allows growth before letting go, its called “patient capital”. This method leaves people self sufficient from even those who live on one dollar or less a day. It gives hope to the hopeless, its social entrepreneurship, maybe the antidote to world poverty - l recommend they use Novogratz’s new method. I wrote a poem to summaise my understanding of the book. Enjoy


The blue sweater she threw around

Took turn and came right back to haunt

Her alms that made her greater

That gave her the love that never withers

Provoking sympathy and empathy

Cutting through the world that is bitter


Her world became smaller yet much greater

Communities transcending mappings and geography

Much like the weaver nest, so intertwined

We belong everywhere and to each other

Her compassion and intellect cemented breed wisdom


The ego vouches being interesting, Humility is interested

World problems are shared

People are people, rich, poor, black or white

Hindu, Moslem, Christian its one file

Beings who seem least like being

Always are beings we need being


The future is here, it is not widely distributed yet

Yet the world has always had open palms

It’s unto beings to embrace it in alms

“l am because you are”

Truth and love always win

Simplicity is the master of complexity

Over-standing our differences to understanding

Well, is this surprising?

by Tungamirai Zidya




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