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If Developing Young People Touches Your Heart as it Does Ours ..... Here's is an Opportunity for you to Make a Difference

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An 8 month experience as volunteers in 2001 on peer education on reproductive health in rural schools changed our lives and this is where our story began. We discovered some things about ourselves- passion for development work, touching lives and the potential within us. We also discovered the amazing potential in other people, no matter their backgrounds. Working with students and young people from the communities in one of the poorest and remote rural areas in Zimbabwe, we discovered hidden potential, unfulfilled dreams and dreams facing premature deaths. We realized how simple actions such as positive encouragement could transform lives. It was amazing to discover the capacity within people and what they can do when given the right opportunity. This, we sought to do....

  "..we discovered hidden potential,unfulfilled dreams and dreams facing premature deaths"

We finished our volunteer program and started university as the economic crisis started to worsen. Families were in financial crisis, government sponsorship and grants to students at universities dried and life as a student was very difficult. We brainstormed on some business ideas mainly to help ourselves financially, tried a few of them and nothing really succeeded. We realized the lack of platform and support for young people especially students with business ideas. At the same time we witnessed the frustration and despair among peers as companies folded down and the once bright future of high paying jobs and lots of benefits after graduating becoming a far fetched fantasy and fading into the night.

 The prosperity of any nation depends on education of it's people and on young people - for they are the future.

Thus, in 2005 the idea to form Paruware Trust, as an organization focusing on entrepreneurship, targeting young people especially students at tertiary institutions was born. The prosperity of any nation depends on education of it’s people and on young people -for they are the future. We might not be able to do much about our today, but what we know and believe is, we surely can do something about our tomorrow. We decided to invest in young people, to invest in ideas and thus invest in the future and change our tomorrow.

Paruware as the name implies in Shona, a very solid flat bed rock, this is the type of foundation we decided to give young people through entrepreneurship training, investing in their ideas through business incubation and preparing them for the future through mentoring programs and experiential learning on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship-equipped graduates and young people coupled with knowledge in their trained fields, will not only sustain themselves by starting and running viable businesses but create jobs and wealth for the prosperity of our nation.

If developing people touches your heart as much as it does ours, here is an opportunity for you to make a difference. If you are looking at opportunities to invest, there is no greater investment that investing in human potential, no greater investment than investing in young people and investing in the future. If you are passionate about change, here’s the opportunity to change and shape tomorrow, for today is already gone.  If you are looking for something new - something different, here’s is the opportunity to invest in new ideas and see how they change the future.

 "..there is no greater investment that investing in young people -investing in the future"

We are looking for those that can invest their skills and expertise, their time, their finances and their goodwill to make all this happen. Opportunities for investing range from financial support for the Social innovators, Entrepreneurship Camps, workshops and seminars, business incubation centre and angel investors for the social business ventures formed by young people to non financial support ranging from mentorship of young entrepreneurs, placements for experiential learning to volunteers as advisors, wisdom board, fundraisers, supporting staff and goodwill ambassadors.

  "We are looking for those that can invest their skills and expertise, their time, their finances and their goodwill.."

This is not a one man’s journey, a one man’s fight; connect with us, link with us, talk to us and let’s build a strong foundation, for the future looks bright.

“....Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”
Psalm 30:5b Amplified

What we see in the future?

  • More businesses solutions developed to solve the social challenges around us. 
  • More companies formed by young people and graduates from tertiary institutions
  • More students and young people venturing into entrepreneurship
  • More jobs created by business enterprises formed by young people
  • More young people contributing to the county’s GDP and economic and social transformation
  • More dreams fulfilled, more ideas transformed into reality
  • A better, brighter future and prosperous nation.
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