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Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Certificate Program

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 The 6 week certificate program is drawn from diverse disciplines and methodologies with the purpose of guiding each participant to uncover their unique leadership style. The course emphasizes the value of experimentation and experiential learning with a strong focus on feedback and self reflection.  The program fuses together a social entrepreneurship and leadership curriculum suited for the African context. The program is structured in the following way: 

  • Six 2 hour lectures spread over six weeks
  • 1 field visit
  • Capstone project
  • Project presentation and Certificate of completion

The highlight of the course, the capstone project will bring accountability and action to the program and also provide components of experiential learning.  Criteria for the project would include:

  • Development of an initiative that will have a social impact
  • Development of an idea that can benefit the participant's community or expose them to BOP customers
  • Knowledge contribution to the field

If you are interested in enrolling in the certificate program, send in your CV and one page motivation/application letter that describe you and stating why you are interested. The applications can be submitted via email to


Course fee is $60


Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


Previous Classes 

The course has been run in the past at the University of Zimbabwe in the Faculty of Social Studies.


May/June 2011 Class


The  class had 30 students spread across the different disciplines in the social sciences. Each student is worked on a project with some working as teams in their chosen projects.


Examples of some of the projects students worked on included:


1.Access to computers to students through brokering a deal with a manufacturer for affordable computers as well as a flexible and innovative payment scheme for students.


2. A money tranfer system targeting rural households in Murehwa receiving money from their children who work as housemaids in Harare and have little bankable salaries.

3. A game center where high density youths in Bulawayo can learn new technologies as well as develop their creativity through computer game.


 Unedited feedback from participants who participated in the program


 "Professional, led by example, confident, honest and informative."


"The program should be made compulsory as it is very beneficial. It gives courage for one to start a project because one is taught to overcome many fears, which exist in people and i believe people have fears but after this programme, i fear nothing."

"The course enlightened me on a number of critical issues such as innovation, accomodativeness and tolerance of ideas to constantly reshape and remould one's own ideas."

 "The  course is really an informative and life transforming. I found it useful in equipping myself with the required know how to solve social problems in a way that will also get me some income to sustain myself and others. Thus I would like to advise anyone willing to impact the world to do this course as it will equip him/her with the required know how."

"An excellent program, which should be executed to all aspiring intellectuals. To me,it struck a balance between conceptualisation and execution. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to be a part of it forever as i constantly and persistently reshape the knowldge we have about reality."

"This program has helped me to be creative, compassionate and helpful and try to bring something to this world and make it a better place. The experience was intriguing."

" I totally enjoyed the course. The lecturer is quite knowledgeable about the field of social entrepreneurship, thanks!"

The full report for this class, can be found on request.

To know more about the program and if you are interested in enrolling in the next intake email